Dinosaurs once ruled the earth. What will we become?

The world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket. Science and religion all claim to know the truth, and yet despite changes in both throughout humanity’s history, hate and violence and bigotry and prejudice are still running rampant. Diseases still dominate. We still can’t even accurately predict the weather.

Nothing is certain.

And yet, there is still beauty everywhere. People create amazing works in music and art and literature. Science keeps discovering new things, new proofs, new solutions.

But people keep dying. Most people are miserable. And we are still grounded on this planet.

Where did we go wrong, and what can we do now?

These are my thoughts.

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“In the beginning, God created…” but what created God?

And so it begins….

Since my childhood, I’ve started closely examining every belief I had held. Just about every belief has changed from that with which I was raised.

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